A typical job would involve the following activities:

  • Generation of enquiry from the client
  • Assessment of requirements (through dialogue and site visits)
  • Submission of techno-commercial proposal
  • Refinement and detailing of processes & procedures and sign-off
  • Mobilization of equipment, chemicals, consumables and personnel
  • Erection of temporary set-up
  • Execution of job
  • Submission of performance report with analysis records, photographs, etc.
  • Dismantling of temporary set-up
  • Demobilization of equipment, unused chemicals and personnel

Opportunities & Focus

The company’s initial business focus will be on providing its services to the thermal power plant sector in India. This sector provides sufficient business opportunities in the short and medium terms.

After consolidation in the power plant sector in India, the company can address the opportunities in other industrial sectors in India (e.g. petrochemical & chemical process  plants, steel plants, nuclear, concentrated solar power plants, etc.). The large business opportunities available by expanding to overseas markets can also be considered.
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